TT Compact Styler – Grey

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How to clean Tangle Teezer

1. Take your Tangle Teezer and lift any loose hair from the teeth. It may help to get the end of a pin-tail comb, put it between the teeth, and raise the hairs from the base.

2. Fill a small bowl with warm soapy water, that’s comfortable for you to put your hands in about the same temperature as a warm bath.

3. Take a clean (but old!) toothbrush and dip it into the water.

4. Gently brush between the teeth until any product build-up is removed from the teeth and the base of the hairbrush.

5. Leave the brush to air dry naturally with the teeth facing upwards definitely don’t use a hairdryer on these brushes.

A handbag friendly design.

You can smooth shine and define anytime and anywhere thanks to its unique two tiered system technology.

The long teeth detangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier looking and glossy hair.

It’s also great for back brushing to add volume and easily brushes out.


Tangle Teezer

Is the famous, professional, detangling hairbrush. So impressive are the results, that it took the hair and beauty industry by storm overnight.

TANGLE TEEZER is an innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. It really is your hair care and a true detangling solution. TANGLE TEEZER is the only brush that is literally changing lives. TANGLE TEEZER brushes are designed and manufactured in great Britain.