Pedi Callus Softener – Shea & Vetiver 4 oz

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A quick and gentle way to soften callus and keep them in the best condition possible. The rich and thick formulation helps the product to stay on callused areas for better control. It Aids in fast and easy callus removal.
Artisan Shea is rich in antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, & C.
Vetiver provides natural enzymes to gently exfoliate and reveal radiant, healthy skin
1. Soak the feet and dry the skin gently with a towel.
2. Using a spatula, apply a liberal amount of callus softener directly to the callused only areas of the feet.
3. Allow to penetrate the dead skin for 3-5 minutes.
4. After the calloused skin is softened, use a pedicure file and gently remove all dead skin.
5. Wash the feet thoroughly with water making sure all of the product is removed.

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Mr. Anthony Cuccio, founder, President, CEO and Roberta Cuccio, Senior Vice President, COO of Star Nail International based in Valencia, California are true visionaries and trendsetters in the beauty industry today. The entrepreneurial couple literally built their business out of a suitcase of cosmetics in 1981 on Venice Beach, California. The business has grown into a multi-million dollar global corporation making the firm the largest nail and beauty product manufacturer in the world in 1986. In 1999, they founded "Cuccio Naturale" the first natural, hand and foot care treatment product line.


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