Kids Hairhalo Rainbow Crown

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Invisibobble HAIRHALO, the adjustable headband. With HAIRLOVETECHâ„¢, Its traceless design and spiral shape provide fewer pressure points on the head, resulting in superior comfort. The adjustable structure and special shape make it possible to mould the HAIRHALO specifically to every single head shape. This design means that pressure and discomfort from wearing all day can be avoided. Our KIDS version comes in an adjusted size and has a lovely design including rainbows and sweets. The best way to turn every day into a fun day!
comfortable to wear all day long
one size fits all
high wearing comfort
hair loving
Colour: multicoloured
1 Pkg. includes 1 invisibobble® KIDS HAIRHALO – Rainbow Crown



Was created by the blending of the words invisible' and bobble'. The magic trick to Invisbobble's lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. When this hair ring is wrapped around the hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail; standard hair rings put even pressure on the hair, leaving an obvious mark.

18/14.5/4 cm