Blow Styling Full Paddle White

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Step 1. Once tangled, section hair into even sections.

Step 2. Pick up a section at the root and run hair evenly through.

Step 3. Follow the hair with a hairdryer approx. 2 inches away.

Step 4.. Pick up hair at the crown at a 45 degrees Celsius angle for extra volume.


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The full size blow-drying hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is the innovative hairbrush which takes hair from wet to dry.

With ground-breaking teeth technology, the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool has fixed base teeth with built in tension and slight flexibility at the tips. Delivering flow tension, the teeth allows the hair to snake through for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-style without pulling or stretch-drying.
Taking excess water away from the hair for a faster drying time, the hair is left voluminous and shiny with reduced frizz. There’s no need for straightening irons.
The full size Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool is best suited for medium to long hair lengths.


Tangle Teezer

Is the famous, professional, detangling hairbrush. So impressive are the results, that it took the hair and beauty industry by storm overnight.

TANGLE TEEZER is an innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. It really is your hair care and a true detangling solution. TANGLE TEEZER is the only brush that is literally changing lives. TANGLE TEEZER brushes are designed and manufactured in great Britain.