Selfie Tan'n Go

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Many sunless tanning products and self-tanners leave an unattractive “orange” finish. You don’t have to worry about that with Selfie® Tan n Go Sunless products. You’ll get a golden, sun-kissed glow, nothing more and nothing less. Kiss the orange tones goodbye and experience a luxurious home-tanning experience with perfect color that you can control.

The complete range Selfie® collection of wash-off and self-tanners contain salon-tested, perfect coverage sunless tanning ingredients combined with precisely balanced skin nutrients. They are formulated with a patented odor reducing fragrance technology that gives you a beautiful, healthy tan with no self-tanner smell. You get fast results, as your tan will gradually deepen during the next several hours.

Just apply, get dressed, and show off your new, healthy, sun-kissed, bronze tan. Selfie products dry quickly so that they won’t rub off on or stain clothing or sheets.